Suzy Prudden

El Segundo, California


You’ve seen her on Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show. Suzy Prudden is an internationally acclaimed Speaker and Seminar Leader, a N.Y. Times Best Selling Author (from before the internet), Fitness Expert, Body/Mind Pioneer, Hypnotherapist, Success and Empowerment Coach and now a Publisher. Suzy is CEO and Co-Founder (with her sister, Joan Meijer) of S & P Productions Inc., which specializes in publishing, promoting and marketing authors in the fields of their expertise through Itty Bitty Publishing. Itty Bitty Publishing is the fastest growing publishing company in the U.S. today. Itty Bitty Publishing is the new “Dummies.” The difference is, Dummies books are 350 pages you need to read with a yellow highlighter. Itty Bitty Books are the yellow highlights.Having written 14 books with major New York Publishing houses and worked with thousands of people world- wide, Suzy uses her 50 years of media and coaching experience to bring her authors to the forefront of their fields and fully own their place in the world.