2 Day Pre-Conference Janet Thompson


2 Day Pre-Conference Janet Thompson 00023

May 2nd & 3rd, 2019

The Placebo Diet - Weight Loss coaching with a BIG difference

Learn how to change the mind and the body in this an informative and inspirational 2 day workshop.

Weight loss is one of the most searched terms on the internet and is a rich source of income for therapists, but only if you offer effective techniques that work, and that can be sustained. Many people can lose weight short term, but don’t make the changes that last for good, so the weight goes back on, and more besides. That’s not good for them, or your business. When you build a reputation for delivering lasting results, your clients will not only love you, but love to tell other people about you too. That way you both win.

This 2 day inspirational course is unique because it combines powerful adaptations of hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT (Tapping) and other new techniques that have been customized specifically for weight loss, and will teach you which foods cause food cravings, and how (and why) changing a few simple elements of your diet can change how your brain functions. This alone makes changing habits easier and more natural. “The Placebo Diet” is a totally holistic mind and body approach. You finally can help your clients can break free from the endless dieting cycle and get the results they want and deserve, for good.

You will learn:

How the brain creates, and more importantly can change habits and collapse cravings

How what you eat changes how you feel and influences brain function (including cravings)

How the body burns fat and how to create individual strategies to maximize the benefits

Reprogram emotional eating patterns

How to identify and prevent self-sabotage, even before it happens

and much much more……

This system has been tried and tested and delivered over many years and is a proven authoritative, safe and effective program to help your clients change how they think and feel about food, and themselves.
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