2 Day Pre-Conference Bob Burns


2 Day Pre-Conference Bob Burns 00025

May 2nd & 3rd, 2019

The Bob Burns Swan Certificated Workshop

While specializing in his world-famous Swan Protocol and The Wall, Bob covers a veritable smorgasbord of items in 2 days, including:

  • Scripts (how they don’t work and how they DO)
  • Goldilocks (how to never be nervous in any form of delivering either therapy or a talk)
  • Auras (practical teaching on how to SEE auras on the day!)
  • How to work with groups (the secret of building the best therapy practices)
  • Smoking Cessation (Bob Burns truly carries a success rate of over 95% in smoking cessation which will be fully explained & taught in this workshop)
  • Self Hypnosis (the secret of building group practices)
  • Past Life Regression (Bob has advised to TV in this field which will be fully explained and demonstrated)
  • Lucid Dreaming (as a long term Lucid Dreamer himself Bob will fully explain and give instruction on this topic)
  • The Color Protocol (The protocol that was used on Louis Oosthuizen in winning The Open in 2010. A Must Have for golf therapists!)
  • And of course STUFF…. from a mind with 45 years experiencing of hypnotising!
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