2 Day Post-Zoe Clews/Paul Gibson


2 Day Post-Zoe Clews/Paul Gibson 00036

May 6th & 7th, 2019

Treating Severe & Complex Trauma in Clients

A unique & powerful technique we’ve developed over time to clear generational shame as part of our in-depth workshop which also includes.

Topics of discussion on our 2 day course include:

  • Why the one-session fix promise is wholly inappropriate for trauma and/or complex or severe trauma
  • The connection of childhood trauma and adult depression and anxiety disorders
  • The connection between childhood trauma and eating disorders
  • The connection between childhood trauma and addiction
  • The connection between childhood trauma and codependency
  • Trauma bonds & Betrayal Bonds - how they form, what they are and how to treat them
  • Neurobiology of trauma (including ACE, developing mind, the learning brain)
  • The role of the therapist - holding a safe space, honouring and respecting the trauma and its impact fully, subconscious negotiation, belief-dissolving, boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
  • Guiding the client out of minimisation, compartmentalisation and denial
  • Working with the traumatised person (setting safety and rapport)
  • The emotions of the abused child/adult (anger, grief, guilt, sadness and toxic shame)
  • The importance of external support networks
  • Therapy not just about removing trauma, it’s helping person to live again
  • Attachment/abandonment issues and why they are common in trauma clients
  • Working with & knowing how to IDENTIFY the lesser known trauma manifestations: repetition compulsion, narcissistic wounding, severe abandonment trauma & social masochism
  • The 'family roles' created by growing up in dysfunction & how they impact the adults lives


  • Eye movement techniques to process traumatised memories
  • Gestalt dialogue
  • Parts therapy
  • Associated and disassociated regression techniques
  • Inner child
  • The effective use of submodalities
  • Pacing and leading and your tonality
  • Cord-cutting release for trauma and betrayal bonds (family and other relationships)
  • GenTrauma - a unique & powerful technique created by Zoe Clews and Paul Gibson to clear generational shame and trauma stepped down from maternal and paternal family-lines

Our focus is on helping our clients to really live again and not just removing trauma – but to do that, we need to be able to understand and communicate the connection between trauma and the full impact it has on the entirety of an individual’s life.

trauma is a big problem, but resolving it fully requires a series of steps – steps we will be teaching you on our two-day workshop.

This workshop also discusses in detail the moral & ethical considerations for dealing with clients & the most helpful and supportive techniques.

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