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Profound Somnambulism with Subconscious Dialogue

May 2nd, 2019

Profound Somnambulism with Subconscious Dialogue

This course is for any hypnosis professional seeking to master the deepest levels of hypnosis, beyond the Esdaile state utilizing profound somnambulism and Subconscious dialogue. The SC talks to you with the client’s voice while the client’s conscious mind is taking a nap. (It feels just like talking to an old friend.) And when you are eliciting full sentences with back and forth banter from the SC, you get much more accurate information. Within this deep state of profound somnambulism, phenomenal things occur like instantaneous healing, amnesia without suggestion, and the ability for the client to go back into deep hypnosis with only one unique word or phrase. Plus, it’s RIDICULOUSLY simple and easy to learn. It does not matter if you use age regression, Parts Therapy, or content-free hypnosis – this protocol works with whatever type of hypnosis you are currently using, so you can keep your own style of hypnosis just modified a little.

Besides simply teaching the PS protocol, I support students by giving them links to videos of past online live classes, video Q & A sessions, a script in PDF format, the protocol steps in PDF format, and sample video and audio sessions from real clients of mine. They will be able to join my Facebook student forum for group support and have continued access to me. Students will receive a certificate of completion with 10 CEUs.

Core Components of the PS Protocol:

-Ratification from the SC with no ambiguity
-Clarity and accuracy
-Enjoy full sentence dialogue with the SC (just like talking to an old friend) instead of getting binary IMR responses
-Instantaneous and automatic healing
-Re-induce client within 30 seconds using one unique word or phrase on subsequent sessions
-Access the SC and even the Higher Self
-The client “feels” hypnotized and experiences extreme time distortion
-The client wakes up with partial or full amnesia (over 75% of the time)

It is so much better to have a conversation with the SC, like talking to an old friend, instead of getting binary responses and having to play 20 questions with ideomotor responses–hoping that it’s the subconscious that’s digitally talking and not the conscious mind. Instantaneous healing can (and oftentimes will) occur within this deepest level of hypnosis, and you will be able to set up a re-induction phrase that will drop the client back into the deepest level of hypnosis within 30 seconds.

It’s only similar to the “ultra” hypnosis techniques in that you get the client into the deepest levels of somnambulism and dissociate them. The difference is when you contact the SC (or the Higher Self if you wish) the personality of the SC emerges and talks back to you in clear sentences while the client is sleeping, dreaming, or at least completely out-of-the-way using the client’s voice box. You do NOT use any ideomotor responses as they are not necessary. Also, the client’s body is not cataleptic. The client’s body can move around, talk, and even walk, while staying in profound hypnotic trance, with the eyes opened or closed.

While in this amazing state, the SC tells you what’s really going on with the client. It will also heal any part of the client that needs healing, restoration, or repair, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirituality. And it will usually heal it right there in your chair during the session, very quickly. It takes all of the guesswork out of your change-work!

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