1 Day Pre-Rick Green


1 Day Pre-Rick Green 00028

May 2nd, 2019

UnStoppable Confidence! Kick-Butt Methods to Make YOU the Winner – Beyond Confident to Certainty!

Are you afraid to step on stage, start a business, see a client, or even approach and say hi to a stranger? No more! Become the WINNER in this highly experiential and life-changing presentation. Like a mini-bootcamp -you will leave a changed person. Unstoppable — beyond Confident to Certainty!

Sadly, I have seen many good hypnotists afraid to take the next step. Some are afraid to even use their skills. Banish that thought! Now!

As a police instructor, I have had to get hundreds of recruits past the fear of real life and death encounters. I have coached Olympic athletes, Undercover Police Officers, and real people to step out of their comfort zone and into their Champion zone utilizing a process I call “Tiger-Mind.” This Tiger-Mind class will combine the forbidden secrets of ancient martial arts schools, the secrets of Soviet bloc Olympic training, the Secrets of FBI/CIA undercover officer trainings, and the latest neuroscience change works to take you to a whole new level of change. And more!

Imagine starting out in whatever you dream of with unstoppable confidence. Imagine your Champion zone has you doing street hypnosis, successful client work, starting your business — just going for it! Imagine taking these skills of the new Identity of being a Champion — and bringing that to your clients! Use these Tiger-Mind methods for working with clients! and then, Imagine mapping these skills across ALL areas of your life.

This fun dynamic identity changing class will include at least FOUR group hypnotic sessions of installing resources, a work book and FIVE BONUS mp3 recordings to take home and continue your awesomeness. Value: $500 minimum

First Ten to sign up will receive a BONUS one on one Mindscaping, as developed by Mike Mandel, on any Confidence issue. Value: $200

Class Limited to thirty people!

$497 In stock