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HypnoKinesthetics – Powerful NLP Mind Body Solutions

May 2nd, 2019

HypnoKinesthetics – Powerful NLP Mind Body Solutions

This methodology combines, several modified, kinesthetic NLP patterns (including dancing score) and other energy psychology and coaching strategies to create meaningful change, deep healing and powerful solutions by accessing and expressing information stored within the powerful mind-body relationship in a way that mobilizes deep resources.

This process creates an easily reachable, self-organizing pathway toward a resourceful state. As well, it can be a powerful stimulus for doing effective problem solving, discovering and creating metaphors, gaining access to unconscious resources, healing and ultimately self-evolution and expression. Profound change can occur in just one session. Practitioners can use HypnoKinesthetics in a content free session and/or powerful coaching questions can be utilized to create verbal, written action plans. HypnoKinesthetics is effective with athletes, dancers, performers and others who easily access the kinesthetic representational system. It is also an effective way to support anyone in accessing, improving and expressing the treasure chest of mind-body information.

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