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1 Day Post-Wendi Friesen 00040

May 6th, 2019

Addiction Freedom Certification- Become an expert and learn how you will revolutionize addiction treatment.

You will learn how important this work is, why you cannot wing it with clients. This proven program teaches you the exact process to be known as an expert and create a very lucrative business with Addiction Freedom. The need for addiction work is bigger than ever. Families looking for help for their loved one are frustrated by the lack of choices and the expense. After sending the addict to yet another 12 step month long rehab, and paying $25,000-$40,000 for a month of AA meetings just does not feel right for most who are struggling.

You already have the Hypnotherapy and NLP skills to help people with addictions, but it is critical that you are not guessing and that you have a proven methodology. Now you will learn how to apply these methods to addiction, with alcohol or drug use. You will learn why your services will be in big demand, what to charge, how to promote your programs, how to facilitate Addiction Freedom groups and serve private clients.

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