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May 6th, 2019

Lazy Hypnotist of Success

"I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."
― Bill Gates

Do not come to my workshop.
It's enough that you'll be on my 1-hour presentation.
You will get there tools that will help you locate programs in your subconscious that block you from succeeding.
You will get there tools with which you can change those programs effectively.

Do not come to this workshop unless you want to be a lazy hypnotist.
In this workshop you will get understanding of the most important programs that are harmful to success and the fastest, and easiest solution to replace them with useful ones.
And you will get all of those on the silver platter.

These changes will cause:
- a significant increase in the number of clients
- a disproportionately large increase in your earnings, and
- a surprising increase in the effectiveness of therapies performed without the need of increasing hypnotic skills.

Ohh... & I don't give a @#!$ if you believe me or not. I'm too lazy and too successful to convince you 😉

HypnoFlash - the world's fastest and powerful pain elimination technique. The one you can do in just a few seconds, without any pre-talk, even if the subjects does not believe in hypnosis, and even without mentioning the word hypnosis. This is one of the best and easiest marketing tool you will ever find.

Reverse indirect suggestions. Profound trick that will triple the number of clients from any hypnotic demonstration you perform.

Ultimate Deep Trance Work – video recording of my 2-day workshops I've done in 2018 in Brasil (in English). Principles and techniques that will allow to produce deep profound somnambulism and all hypnotic phenomena (amnesia, anesthesia, positive and negative hallucinations, full and vivid regression, etc.) to ALL your clients, and to yourself (even if you think you are unable to experience those).
Values of videos: 397$

Want to be a Lazy Hypnotist of Success ?

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