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May 7th, 2019

Hypno-Oncology, Using Hypnotherapy in Cancer Settings (Certification Course)

Become a Hypno-Oncology Certified Practitioner.

In the US, 1 in 2 people will develop cancer in their lifetime. Fourteen out of every 100 women will develop breast cancer! Recent research has shown that 40% of cancer patients seek out complementary therapies such as hypnotherapy.

I hear so many hypnotherapists contacting me saying a loved one is suffering from cancer and they wish they could help, but don’t know how too. Learn NOW and have the tools when you desperately need them most!

This Hypno-Oncology Practitioner certification course will give you the tools, techniques and confidence to assist family members, loved ones or clients going through the cancer journey. Remember 1 in 2, so this will become your biggest near future market in hypnotherapy! Over 65 million Americans will want your services. Are you ready?

Hypnotherapy can be a very useful complementary addition to the patient’s cancer journey in this expanding area. Emotional and psychological support can help patients learn to cope with distress. Such support can reduce levels of the symptoms that they may be experiencing, as well as treatment-related symptoms among patients.

Hypnotherapy can be a useful addition in preparing for pre-surgery as well as assisting with post-surgery healing and pain control. Other common areas experienced such as insomnia, anticipatory nausea, dysgeusia, dietary issues can often be helped with hypnotherapy.

On completion of the workshop, you will have the knowledge to be able to:-

Effectively communicate and work with cancer patients, having an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of cancer.

Ethically work with cancer patients, knowing what you can legally say and work with.

Create hypnotherapy treatment plans through having a knowledge of the patients’ cancer journey

You will have numerous unique techniques which have been finely honed for cancer patients, you will see them demonstrated and have a chance to practice them.

You will have access to numerous scripts to help patients throughout every step of their journey.

To provide appropriate psychological support to both patient and carers.

To assist the patient in controlling their symptoms and side effects.

Utilise and understand the potential benefits of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI).

You will have access to videos of techniques, further scripts and ongoing support.

Age is a defining factor in the majority of cancer cases and people are living longer and therefore are increasing their chances of being affected by the disease. From diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery, the physical and psychological effects and symptoms of cancer are widely documented and often bring on a range of negative emotions.

This workshop will give an overview of cancer and the cancer journey, it is essential to understand the process, journey, terminology and treatment being undertaken to be able to communicate effectively with patients. Many countries have regulations governing working with cancer patients (hypnotherapists can get themselves into serious legal difficulties by not knowing this) which will be explained.

Communication and the use of language is very important when dealing with both cancer patients and members of the medical profession, this will be explained and guidance given.

The most common areas that you can successfully work with will be highlighted, and techniques and approaches discussed. Current research will be examined. You will be shown how to work with the patient to address and help them control their symptoms, (in conjunction with other treatments given).

An introduction to psychoneuroimmunology will be given. This is an area that could have a profound affect with dealing with patients such as those suffering from cancer.

How do you get to work with cancer patients? Is it possible to work in hospital as part of the cancer journey?

As well as being one of the top UK hypnotherapists, having successfully worked with tens of thousands of patients, Garry Coles is considered to be one of the world experts in the use of hypnosis within cancer settings and is one of only a handful of hypnotherapists in the UK to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy. For his research and dissertation, Garry was imbedded in the Breast Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team at a major cancer hospital where he carried out pioneering medical research involving hypnosis with breast cancer operations.

Garry has spent nearly fourteen years working within an oncology unit at a major cancer hospital dealing with thousands of patients at all points of their cancer journey. This is in addition to being affected personally by cancer within his own close family.

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