Selena D. Valentine

New York, New York


Selena D. Valentine is the Founder of the HypnoBiz brand which includes HypnoBiz New York, HypnoBiz Canada and HypnoBiz Australia. HypnoBiz is the creator, organizer and promoter of personal and professional development training products and events within the hypnosis segment of the wellness industry. In 2017, our flagship event, HypnoBiz New York was the first program of its kind to be launched within the New York Metropolitan area, and set a new standard of excellence. Our expansion to Australia and Canada is reflection of a keen effort to advance a truly global platform and brand. This commitment in building a family of conferences guides us in perpetuating the core tenets of our business: inclusivity, quality, value and fun.

As we re-define the model of event programming, our focus is also on re-imagining the overall conference experience by blending education and networking, with elegance and style. We invite you to join us at our upcoming one of a kind, best in class events.