Rosa Basto

Lisboa, Portugal


The experience acquired by Dr. Rosa Basto during her 18 years in the office led to the creation of a unique work method that combines the most appropriate and effective techniques for the treatment of numerous emotional disorders. With her method, Diamond Therapy®, Dr. Rosa Basto has created a psychotherapeutic approach, which, by integrating tools of clinical hypnosis, regressive hypnosis and NLP, works faster and more effectively than other psychotherapies in Portugal. Dra. Rosa Basto has a degree in Psychology, but does an unconventional psychotherapy, Creator of the Diamond Therapy method, Master Trainer in NLP and Professional Therapist in Ericksonian Hypnosis coaching. Cronista and responsible for the Zen office of Zen Energy Magazine, responsible for the Hypnosis Clinic section on the most watched television channel in Portugal, TVI. She participates in radio, television and national and international lectures.