Michal Cieslakowski

Warsaw, Poland


My name is Michał Cieślakowski and I am a hypnotist from Poland. I have been practicing hypnosis for over 14 years and since 4 I have started to explore such areas as internal programs about money, values and development of hypnosis business. Before I started to learn about these mechanisms, I fought for every client for therapy and for every student for workshops.Today, having the highest price in Poland for hypnotherapy, I have as many customers as I want. The hypnosis and hypnotherapy trainings I run have the highest reputation in my country. I created my own methods of using hypnosis to obtain lucid dreams and to sleep in extreme systems of polyphasic sleep (2 hours a day). I’m an author of several specialistic hypnosis workshop programs like: “Medical Hypnosis”, “Business Hypnosis”, “Ultimate Deep Trance Work”, “Self-Hypnosis of the 21st century”. I’ve been invited many times as a presenter to the most important Polish universities (Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics), to the largest polish TV stations (TVP, TVN) and to the most successful commercial companies (Coca Cola co., Procter & Gamble).