Headshot - Jo-Anne Eadie

 Jo-Anne Eadie

Brantford, Ontario


Certified Master Hypnotist; Certified Instructor with National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH ) and the International Hypnosis Federation – IHF. Certified Trainer of Hypnosis with IHF My business is Power of Freedom. With Emotional Freedom, you have personal power. Since 1999, I have led clients through a holistic approach to wellness, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual client. Founder and Director of Hypnosis Canada Inc., The Canadian Hypnosis Conference and the Canadian Hypnosis Certification Program. A Regular Speaker at Hypnosis Conventions and Conferences and enjoying ongoing training, continuously upgrading skills and knowledge Personal – Married 54 years to my husband Brian, five children, nine grandchildren. Authored a book on my own weight journey – “Exhale Weight” for the emotional aspects of any weight management program.