Grant Saunders

Yorkshire, England


Grant Saunders was born in 1976 in a small fishing village called Manchester. Grant saw his first stage hypnosis show whilst on holiday in Cornwall at the impressionable age of 8… and was he mesmerised. Grant soon realised that he had a passion for the mind and has spent years studying and perfecting his art. Grant Saunders has spent the last 15 years entertaining people and developing his unique brand of performance hypnosis. Grant is considered by many to be one of the TOP stage hypnotists in the UK and he is a one of only a few FULL TIME stage hypnotists and he has even performed at Balmoral castle. Grant Saunders stage hypnotist brings a fresh new look to a world that has been shrouded in mystery for years, and does this in a hilarious, modern and down to earth way. Carlton Tv’s Thursday night live, BBC, ITV, Sine Fm, The Sun, Boomtang, KISS FM, India Today, The Herald (Australia), Vibe, The Examiner, Stress Busters, Fresh FM, Hallam FM