Fabio De Carvalho

McKinney, Texas


Fábio De Carvalho is a Published Author, Writer, and a Hypnotist. Expert in Business Consulting, People Management, Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital, and a creative problem solver. Fabio holds an MBA in General Management, and developed an international career as an executive, manager and business consultant, working in several countries. In the last two decades, he has studied, practiced and taught hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and coaching applied to personal, professional development and educational training programs. Former President of the Brazilian Society of Hypnology, Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, among several other organizations in USA, Brazil, Chile, and Spain. Fabio is the current President of the NGH North Texas chapter. He is a certified hypnosis instructor, hypnotist certified by the International Association of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (Spain), among many others. He is the host of the HypnoCast – the biggest hypnosis podcast in the Portuguese language. Author of the books “As if it were“, “Reflections of a Hypnotist: Hypnosis and Positive Changes”, and the forthcoming books “Hypnosis & Accelerated Learning” and “Self-Hypnosis: Dealing with the Unconscious”, and coordinates study groups of so-called “altered states of consciousness”. Fábio lives in North Dallas, Texas (USA).