Emma BIo Pic - Emma Romano

 Emma Romano

Victoria, Australia


Emma is a highly sought after international self-healing coach and trainer of The Family Freedom Protocol and TimeLine Reset. Emma has spoken all over Australia and in America spreading the word of peace, self healing and kindness. Her expertise is in treating clients with negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and limiting beliefs, using her own creation the TimelineReset. Emma’s other healing modalities are Hypnotherapy, Energy Work, and Life Coaching. With these modalities Emma is able to get to the very core issue of her client’s problem and facilitate their self-healing process. Emma herself was diagnosed with the debilitating disease of Multiple Sclerosis in 2014 which lead to chronic fatigue, huge amounts of constant fear and depression. After hearing from Dr’s that the best she could do for herself was to get her home ready for a wheelchair, Emma decided to take things into her own hands. After years of study and research and healing herself, Emma has devised a program for clients and therapists to teach them these tools of self-healing. Emma’s mission is to spread the word far and wide that hypnotherapy, mindset and lifestyle are the places people need to address if they are serious about overcoming illness and blockages in life and in turn living a life of health and happiness.