Caryn Seavitte-Bird

Burlington, Wisconsin


Caryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Parkside and has professional experience in the fields of psychology and corporate marketing. Caryn’s career in hypnosis began when she and her husband chose to birth their third child using HypnoBirthing. After this experience, Caryn realized the power of the mind and saw the remarkable success in birthing a child using hypnosis. On the encouragement of her obstetrician, Caryn became a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner in 2003, and then a Consulting Hypnotist through NGH with advanced training in Sports Hypnosis, Age Regression, Hypnoanesthesia & Pain Management, Pediatric Hypnosis, and Weight Loss. After marrying a college wrestler and raising three champion athletes, Caryn noticed the increasing value of hypnosis and mental training techniques for athletes. In 2004, Caryn began her own hypnosis practice, Win with Hypnosis, in Burlington, Wisconsin. She specializes in Sports Performance Hypnosis/Mental Toughness Training and has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their highest goals and dreams. Caryn continues to teach natural birthing classes to pregnant mothers and their birth partners. In addition, she helps clients with life challenges in other areas including stress management, insomnia, coping with/conquering fears, bed wetting, school performance, weight loss, and smoking. Caryn is currently working on publishing her first hypnosis manual that will focus on achieving success as an athlete with methods in hypnosis and developing the attitude of a champion.